Cultivating a Successful Healing Practic

Cultivating a Successful Healing Practice Thursday, 10/23 6:30-8:30pm West Seattle

Feeding the pets of homebound residents:

Feeding the pets of homebound residents:

Back to balance part 2

pause_buttonI’m taking a blog break over this and next week to make time for both exercise and meditation.  I’ll come back a bit refreshed and see what new insights will come forth.  See my post from yesterday on maintaining balance…some times, leaving one thing allows room for others!

Here we go….


Living in Balance

gt“How do you stay so calm?” asked the young print shop clerk I’ve worked with for years.  “It’s right here on the handouts I’m printing”, I said as I pointed to the word on the cover, “Reiki“.  “It’s a method for managing stress”, I continued.  He then told me he needed to find such a technique, as his doctor had warned him he could suffer heart problems from continuing the way he had been going.  “Josh, your such a young guy!  Do you have high blood pressure?”.  Josh solemnly agreed.

Josh, the amazing print shop maverick, who has saved so many classes and events I’vetaught by going the extra mile to make sure all the printed materials were done on time is 28 years old. I suddenly saw him in an even more compassionate light.  He’s told me bits and pieces about his life as we’ve interacted over the years.  I like that about the clerks I’ve come to know at print shops, because you get to have relationships with people who really do make a difference to your life and work.I think the next time I go in I’m gifting him aReiki session, an early Christmas present.  He deserves it.Later in the day, aReiki student of mine also inquired on how I maintain balance in my life, with all the activities and work I do.  I told her it was less a ‘secret formula’ and more a dedication to my own self-care.As I’ve gotten busier over this past year, the frequency of when I receive bodywork has increased.  I get some form of bodywork usually once a week.  Sometimes it’s twice a week.  That’s only 2 hours to the days spent in service as a teacher and practitioner, but those 2 hours are my recharging stations.  Depending on how I feel, I getReiki (of course),massage, Zenshiatsu, or acupuncture.   Those 4 techniques help maintain my energy flow.I’ve mentioned I also shifted my diet about a year ago.  I’m gluten and dairy-free.  I also gave up alcohol.  Amazing difference.  I have more sustained energy throughout the day.And I wish I could say I’m dedicated to a physical exercise practice, but I’m getting there.  It’s hard to find an extra hour for that each day, so my goal is usually 2-3/week.What else?  Attitude.  I’m something like 80 plus days into this happiness blog marathon, it’s definitely helped!  And support from my family, partner and friends.  I feel blessed to be living in balance!Eileen Dey 2014


New Program Encourages Young Kids To Read To Homeless Cats

2014-08-20 08.23.22As they are learning to read, kids can be nervous to read in front of people. But what about cats? These opinion free felines are the perfect reading audience for students. Animal Rescue League Of Berks County, Pennsylvania came up with the program Book Buddies, which invites elementary school kids to practice their reading skills on homeless cats. Parents of students participating say that they’ve seen improvement in their child’s reading ability, thanks to the furry, judgement-free environment where they can practice. The young readers are eager to build confidence and learn to read, while cats want the love and affection of a friend. It is the perfect set up!

Great story, read more here.

9/19 Reiki Soundscape Bliss!

fallWe dive into fall with this amazing Soundscape and a guided meditation of healing by Reiki master and yoga guru Jacquie Hansen. She is teamed by the master musician Bryan Fabert.

Calling attention to the deep divinity of each moment is Bryan Fabert’s passion. Through the ancient meditative technology of the didgeridoo, Bryan creates an atmosphere of sound that calls attention to the rhythm of breath and the natural pulse of Life. Having a background in ceremonial music for community ritual, Bryan is able to flow into the spirit of the moment in collaboration with a wide range of musicians. After being initiated into the world of rhythm by the didgeridoo and hand drums, Bryan is developing himself as a singer/songwriter through ukulele and guitar. Playfull reverence for the creative energy of life guides Bryan’s work as an artist.

No prior experience of Reiki required to attend. Facilitated by Eileen Dey, Director/Founder, The Reiki Training Program and members of the Reiki Fellowship. Friday, 9/19 7-9pm Embrace the Moon 1716 NW Market Street, Seattle $12

Happiness for Perserverence

beckyI caught the segment this morning on the Today Show about Becky Alexander’s story of courage.  She is a beautiful young woman diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that is taking away her hearing and sight.  But she has found her own calling through this process and is not being held back.  The interview will show you what I am attempting to convey.

Thanks for sharing Becky!

Eileen Dey 2014

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Song of Happiness for Today

smiley_with_headphones_post_card-r456938d163c84ad19c7edc0b59864017_vgbaq_8byvr_512Have A Nice Day!   Here are four classic hits whose lyrics describe a different positive outlook on the day.

Which day are you having?


Happiness for Open House Tonight!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoin us tonight at the West Seattle Reiki Sanctuary from 6:30-8:30pm for an open house and potlluck and maybe some Reiki too if we get so inspired.  Details on our meetup here!

Happiness for having life post-9/11

fountainsflowersToday we remember 13 years ago the incredible tragedy of 9/11.  I found this photo of the memorial that overtook Seattle Center in the days that followed.  It was one of the most powerful healing events for our community I have ever been part of.  There was a tangible connectedness of people to support our collective grief.  We came together to honor the victims and to make a statement that we, like so many other cities and towns across the US that we would never forget this day.

Each year, I’ve had my own way creating a memorial, and offering prayers and light to the deceased and to the world effected by that day.

The work I have done with veterans, in teaching them Reiki, was created by that tragedy.  I knew that soldiers would come back from the war we were engaging in with many issues, and that Reiki could help provide a way to help heal and help reconnect a fractured soul.

I’m happy to be alive on this 13th anniversary, I’m happy to be able to provide healing to many people through my work.  Because we are 3000 miles away from NYC, most people I work with haven’t been directly effected by 9/11, but the magnitude of it, does often trigger grief responses, of lost loved ones, lost lives, lost plans.

Giving space for the grief allows it to heal through time.  And focusing on life, and the celebration of it provides balm to the wounds effected by tragedy.

Eileen Dey 2014Photo credit

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