Permission to Receive: What it Means to Take the Reiki Journey

All of us start out in a place where the world is waiting for us to become who we really are and offer this back to the world as a cherished gift. The Reiki path is one way to find the road back to your source and offers the potential for healing yourself and others as you step into the flow.
I started my own journey as the only child to middle class couple living in suburban New Jersey a few miles West of New York City. Mom always gave room for spirituality, Dad, well, he was just interested in making a living.
Living so close to New York I loved going to Broadway shows. As a child I wanted to be an actor, a dancer, a singer (acts, dances, sings these words). I also felt that I could talk to spirits that lived under the trees in my backyard. I felt very connected to the world and all that was in it.
But as I got older it was becoming difficult to still have room for the magic and play, when school, friends and my parents were all telling me what I should be doing instead.
I did what many of us do, I sold out to myself and conformed. I went through college then graduate school to become a counselor. I got married, bought a house, and my first professional job at only 20, I worked as the Director of Social Services for a long term care facility. I had achieved what I thought was the American dream. (bell)
The only problem was I wasn’t with who or where I wanted to be and I was headed down a demanding professional track because that’s what I thought society wanted.
And then one day it hit me that I hadn’t asked myself what I wanted. As soon as I had acknowledged that idea, one coincidence lead to another and I ended up taking a workshop on Reiki ….my world began to transform (thunder sound).
Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’ and its all around us, its what the physicists define our world as. When we learn how to work with it, we can become concentrated channels for it, bringing more of a focus for the energy to ‘collect’ and speed up healing, creating the space for potential to manifest.
That one Reiki workshop started the whole process for me, weekly Reiki practice circles and sessions with colleagues sped it up. The more I gave myself permission to receive healing and insight from within myself, the more room I was creating in my life for what I wanted to manifest. I felt I was filling up my soul with the same kind of connection energy I felt as a child. (bell)
And what I had become in the outer world was becoming undone. The marriage, the house, the career. There is an adage on a spiritual path, that which does not serves you falls away. (thunder sound)
As all those structures fell away, more space was being created within myself by allowing more Reiki into my life. I finally felt I could begin to trust my intuition and what it was telling me. During one intense meditation session I had a very strong vision—MOVE TO SEATTLE (bell).
I had only been here once on vacation when I was in college but the image was so clear and powerful.
I saw the Olympic mountains and Puget Sound as if I were staring from the port of Seattle.
But I knew I had to trust it, like I had the first time coming to a Reiki workshop. Even though I didn’t know what it meant to ‘move to Seattle’, I felt I had to ‘hold the space for it’.
Within a month I had gotten an interview with Boeing and then offered a job! The move was one of the easiest and free-flowing I have ever encountered. By now I was becoming convinced that the more I trusted my intuition, the more I allowed room for Reiki and gave myself ‘permission to Receive’ the more I was in line with my true path.
So I sold my things back East, asked my boyfriend at the time to join me and moved out to the Pacific Northwest. I was 30 years old.
I began working at Boeing and realized that corporate America probably wasn’t where I was going to be for the long haul, but it had helped me to get established in a new place. So I kept doing my job until the next sign of what I needed to do appeared.
And of course, wouldn’t you know it, it happened right there in my office at Boeing. Client after client was getting laid off and counseling could only help them so much. My intuition told me to don the Reiki cape and offer it to each session. (bell)
It was truly amazing, night and day, my clients were having breakthroughs when Reiki was added to the session and they wanted to learn how to do Reiki for themselves. And so I began the foundation for the Reiki Training Program. That was almost ten years ago.
It became a healing arts vocational school licensed by WA state to provide Reiki classes, sessions and practice circles. And if students wanted to go further in their education, there were two options to provide practitioner and teacher training.
And for seven years I nurtured the school, teaching over 1000 students and bringing classes into community colleges, the University of Washington and holistic centers as well as establishing my own healing center. Someone meeting me for the first time said, “Oh, when I think of Reiki in Seattle, I think of Eileen Dey”.
But despite outer professional success my intimate relationship was not sustaining me and I had disconnected from my own creative spark. I was burnt out and sad and felt I had lost connection to my passion.
I longed to let it all go. To give it away, to start again, to change the work, the school, the process.
When I would go into my meditations, that’s the insight I received. Let it go. Give it away.
When I let go of my life structure when I first started my Reiki journey, it had served me well as I trusted the vision to move to Seattle.
But this next step, letting the training program go that I had built up step by step seemed really at odds. Seemed to contradict what I had done.
Yet the more I attempted to hold on, the more things were slipping away. It was the total opposite feeling of what had occurred when I chose to move to Seattle-where everything fell into place.
This time, everything fell out of place and I knew I had to get out of the way to ease it along.
So, only three years ago, I let it all go. Over the course of a few months, I sold or gave away all my office and personal furniture, belongings, car, apartment, friendships, relationships (with cats and humans) and sailed out of Seattle on a sailboat. Oh, I eventually even left that too. (thunder sound)
It was like a tornado had touched down and swept everything away. There is a sutra in Buddhism, the Heart Sutra, and the last line reminded me of where I had gotten to:
“Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond the beyond”…… (bell)
It’s a very open space. It’s the most open space I have ever experience. Its also very frightening. It begs you to ask, ‘Who are you?”. And I realized that without anything in my life, I could finally feel what I needed to be drawn to, where my energies needed to truly be.
And believe it or not, the first place I touched back down was at the Seattle Acting School. All my childhood memories of longing to act, sing and dance came back and I now had the opportunity to fully immerse myself into this path. There was no question. Only confirmation.
And when I attempted to explain my life path and what had gone on to fellow actors, to my surprise, they all wanted to learn Reiki. I didn’t question that either.
And so the Reiki Training Program came back to life. I didn’t question, but allowed for this new manifestation.
And over these last three years, the Reiki Training Program has been able to do so much more than it could before.
It feels like the Training Program and my own life had major heart surgery and there is a new pacemaker installed through acting.
And with renewed vigor the following have all been created:
The Reiki Fellowship, a ‘Reiki union’ of over 40 practitioners and teachers who over the course of the last few years have been able to pool resources and present at major festivals and expositions, enter corporate America and provide Reiki to Veterans suffering from PTSD.
Two published articles, ‘Reiki on the Road’ and ‘Reiki for Veterans’ have been featured in International Reiki Magazine.
2 Reiki Guided meditation CDS, Permission to Receive and Sharing My Heart have been produced and recorded.
A thriving Reiki Training Program branching out into other centers, individual classes and collaborations in the community continues to exist.
And in my own life, I have become involved in a wonderfully healing intimate relationship, with a fellow actor I met through my training.
And during my acting training I have been involved in several stage plays, including the off-Broadway production of Tony and Tina’s Wedding in Seattle and featured as the Reiki expert on Most recently I was selected out of the top 50 actors (out of 400 who had auditioned) to be represented by a major talent agency for commercial work.
There is no end to the Reiki path. Its very much a spiral path. I’ve come back to things I have left, with more insight and appreciation.
I feel all of us have the chance to reconnect, go within and discover our truths. The biggest hurdle is trust. Trusting our intuition and giving ourselves Permission to Receive the path and all it has to offer us.
Are you ready to begin?

A. Releasing the Effort
One of the first concepts of learning to work with Reiki is what I call ‘Ego Management’. ‘Ego’ standing for ‘Edging God Out’…whatever God means to you. The more you are in your ego, the less you are in Reiki flow. Hence, the need for you to ‘get out of your own way’. That’s probably the single biggest challenge of practicing Reiki…first year or ten years…we all have egos if we exist in modern society and aren’t hibernating in a secluded cave…so its constant ego management.
1. So, with this exercise, begin to think of something you’ve tried really hard to achieve in your life-an education, a promotion, a relationship, a breakthrough, et c.
2. Think about all the people, processes, the efforts, the time, the money, etc. spent towards this goal.
3. Feel your entire being with that, notice how occupied your body and mind feel, perhaps how tired, or maybe energized, whatever the feeling is, just notice it, head to toe and also being curious if there are any other parts of your body that also feel full from this external exertion.
4. Now, offer up all that effort, see it rapped up, like a ball, perhaps surrounded by some bands keeping all that effort in one place, and give it to the Universe, to the space above you, blowing it as if you would blow on a blooming dandelion, releasing all of the seeds across a field.
5. Feel how it is to let go of the effort. Breathing it deeply. Letting go, and on the inhale, letting in the expanse of Universal Life Force, filling all of your world with light, love and support.
6. Another inhalation, let more of that light expand. Notice how much lighter your feel. How room in your being has been made by you offering up your efforts and giving yourself ‘Permission to Receive’ extra support and light.
7. Close your eyes again and notice if there are any additional insights or images that come to you regarding the efforts released.
8. If there are, thank your higher consciousness, if not, know you can return to this place at any time for further insight.

B. What if?
The old adage says, ‘The only constant is change’. So therefore, the idea of ‘security’ is really a kind of illusion, because every second of every day things are changing. Sometimes we can barely perceive them, we go day in and day out and our routine is there, our family, friends, pets, nothing seems different. But cells are dying and being created, new oxygen molecules are being exchanged, something else has gone on in the world.
So, what would it be like if by some unfortunate act of the Universe, your doctor called you up and said, “I’m really sorry, but your lab results had been switched and now that we have the correct ones in, it seems that you only have 6 months to live”.
Yikes. What happens when you go within and just reflect on that statement. What would you do? What would you see yourself doing with only that amount of time left on the planet. What would have to change? What would remain the same?
Take some time and feel free to write down any insights that come from that experience.
Then, going back within, imagine the doctor again, coming back to you and saying, “Actually, it seems you have another 2-5 years with your diagnosis, sorry for the scare of only 6 months, but it seems you have more time”. How does this change your image of what you would do? What other steps are included now that you have a little more time to finish things. What do you see?

C. Feeling Your own Chi
We all have energy that flows through us. Its part of what keeps us alive. Just as our blood flows through our arteries and veins, chi, ki, prana or energy flows through our meridians (energy pathways).
Some of these pathways terminate at certain spots, called chakras ‘wheels’ or energy centers. In the Western tradition there are 7 and they roughly correspond with our endocrine glands.
Our palms and the soles of our feet also have energy centers and these areas are usually very sensitive to energy flow.
So what happens when we bring our attention to energy flow?
1. Take a few moments, connect to your breath and let go of any expectations.
2. Place your palms facing each other a few inches apart in front of you off your lap. Hold for a few moments.
3. Imagine that you can breathe ‘through your palms’, breathing there, taking a focus there, just being curious. What’s that like?
4. Then taking a moment, stretch your palms about a foot apart and keep them there. What’s that like now? You can keep your eyes open or closed, whats your sense? Just notice what you notice.
5. Now bring your palms to almost 2 feet apart, same as before, keep them there a few moments, breathe, notice.
6. Then gently bring them back to 1 foot apart, notice what has changed, whats new.
7. Then to a few inches, barely touching. Whats that like?
8. Share your experience.

D. Feeling the Reiki Flow
Reiki energy is all around us and we are able to tap into it. I do recommend taking a workshop because your own ability to hold space for the healing potential is strengthened and you learn basics of working with others and yourself. You also receive ‘attunements’ to the energy, which mean ‘becoming at one’ and it is a sacred blessing meditation that connects you in to the lineage of Reiki, the previous teachers so that when you go to practice, you are supported in your work and ‘in tune’ with the vibration of those teachings.
That being said, lets just see what you perceive when you hold space for this healing energy.
Come with a very curious mind. Just open, like ‘what will happen when I do this?’…no expectations…
1. Pair up with someone in front of you. Introduce yourself.
2. The person in front, sit down and give yourself ‘Permission to Receive’.
3. The person in back, again, no expectations, just curious. Begin to visualize your own connection to ‘heaven and earth’.
4. See, feel, imagine a flow of energy, or water from the Universe through you to the earth and vice versa.
5. ‘This is greater than you’…it flows through only act as a humble conduit.
6. So give yourself a few moments connecting to that idea, to that flow. Effortless.
7. Then, ever so lightly, place your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you.
8. Just curious, not forcing, just being.
9. Resting lightly. Breathing in and out. Reiki is an offering, never forcing.
10. Then taking your hands and rising them so they are now cupping the ears of the person in front of you. Resting gently.
11. Nothing forcing, just being. How effortless.
12. Perhaps you notice the energy flowing through you, perhaps there is a sensation of warmth or tingling, perhaps nothing. Just treat it curiously, effortless.
13. The take your hands off and raise them above the person, their head, around them and hold them there, in their auric field.
14. Filling their aura with healing energy, letting go. Feeling the support, the ease, the ability.
15. Breathe into that space.
16. Notice if your intuition also gives you direction to move your hands to another area like their back or over their abdomen.
17. If so, you can move your hands there, but keep them out in the energy field, off the body.
18. Relax, remember to breathe. Greater than you. Wonderous. Inhale.
19. Give yourself a moment and then smooth out their aura from head to toe, like a cascade.
20. Take a few moments and check in and then reverse roles.


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