Remaining Centered in the Midst of Fear

Tap into the Universal Energy

A lot of my Reiki clients and students have been asking me how they can remain centered when so much fear regarding the economy, their jobs, and the election seems to be looming ahead of us.

So, from a Reiki point of view, I find its most helpful to tune out to those sources that are providing the ‘fear input’…so if there is a certain news channel that always seems to be projecting fear…switch channels. Literally and figuratively.

If you are worried about losing your job or you are losing your job, put it in the ‘Universe Jar’…meaning don’t hang on to the worries….acknowledge them, yes, but don’t hang on to them.

My astrologer colleague, Trudy Wendelin says that at this time, of Saturn in Virgo the following is occuring: Both Saturn & Virgo are of the earth element and embody life lessons. Saturn will bring us to focus on Virgo concerns of health, leading us to make changes in our life that promote good health and more balanced lives. For example, does your job involve being in a cubicle all day with no windows? Does it involve a lot of stress? Is your job aligned with you vocational purpose and personal values? How we spend our energy directly affects our health and this will be at the forefront of the universal consciousness over the next couple of years.

‘Fear is the darkroom in which your negatives develop’…so said a billboard I once saw in San Francisco.

So, give space for the fear, but not obsessive space. Realize that we are all so connected to each other and there is much light, in fact, maybe there is more light when there is more ‘darkness’….I’d like to hear what others might think of that.

And connect. Not just online, through blogs, Twitter, email….but in person. Attend a Reiki circle. A place where people come together to give and receive hands-on-healing. Its a very profound experience. I’ve facilitated several hundred circles in my career and people who didn’t know each other are closer to each other and to their own humanity after an hour and a half. Its truly a social manifestation of world peace.

Most Reiki masters who facilitate a circle will usually let you drop in on one, even if you haven’t taken a Reiki class. At some point, its a good idea to take one so you know basics of how to give/receive energy without utilizing your own energetic resources. The International Association of Reiki Professionals has a function on their site that lets you look up practitioners around the globe. There is probably a Reiki circle near you. And once you take a class, you can start your own!



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