The Magic of Release

The fundamentals of bodywork process

When you are not in release, a symptom or set of symptoms are disturbing you. Maybe your thoughts are fuzzy. You aren’t sure what to do. You feel stuck within the physical constraints of your body.

Through breath and bodywork and the use of your attention, you can help make the space within for the release to happen.

What does a ‘release’ look like?

Brenda had been suffering from an enlarged thyroid for some time. She had all the medical tests performed to rule out any disease. But she noticed it was large and pressing at times. A friend of hers who worked with pendulums moved one over her chakras and found that over the throat chakra the pendulum swayed erratically.

Brenda had worked with Reiki before and knew how powerful being in the space of healing flow could be for her. She decided to see if a session would help her gain any more clarity on the enlarged thyroid.

As she relaxed into the session she became aware that it was becoming difficult for her to breathe. As I always do, I encouraged her to hold space for all the symptoms that would come up during the session, including this difficulty in breath.

As she noticed what she noticed the heaviness in her breath shifted to the feeling around her throat that it was difficult to swallow. She went into this sensation and began to see there was the image/feeling of being cut off in her throat.

Gently, and at her own pace, she went into the feeling of being cut off, and as she got closer, bringing her curiosity with her, she noticed a lightness within her being.

It began to shoot out light from her throat all throughout her body. She couldn’t believe it. A few seconds before it was if someone was choking her and now she was in ‘release’ and relaxing into an expanded state of awareness.

Her energy body felt as if it was reassembling itself and communicating messages of healing. I continued the treatment, but as with many a transformative session, I held the healing space in awe of the body and mind’s ability to bring itself back to center.

She described the remainder of the session to be one in which she went into a semi-trance where she saw various visions and felt an extreme sense of peace.

Brenda’s release is probably one of the easier types to deal with for most practitioners. Its quite internal for the client with little seemingly being effected on the outside.

There are other releases that include the body crying, shaking and laughing. Not necessarily all at the same time, but that’s not out of the question.

My own experience when I receive a Reiki treatment often includes my body jerking and shaking a bit as the Universal energy replaces whatever I was ‘holding on to’ or fretting about.

At times, when I’ve experienced loss, such as my grandmother was dying, I would lie on the table and as soon as a practitioner put their hands near me, not even touching, I would feel I had permission to cry. As I cried, I felt the sadness of knowing I would lose my physical relationship with my grandmother. But through the tears, I also felt my heart opening. I felt my mind coming into peace.

After the session was over, I felt grateful for the relationship I would always have with her, even if she wasn’t in her physical body any longer.


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