Comment on water blessing by Susan of Emeral Spiral

Dr. Emoto came to the Seattle area the week of Earth Day inspiring groups of people to gather at different places to thank and love the waters back to health. I was honored to join Eileen Dey who lives in the Highland Park neighborhood of West Seattle and is a real asset to the world.
She had us gather on the Duwamish and it was an incredibly magical hour.

I arrived with a bottle of my holy water from over 200 holy places around the planet I’ve been gathering n activating since 1991 and a basket of bells n rattles to support Eileen in her efforts.

The wind was brisk as we gathered to hear Eileen’s guest talk about community work on the Duwamish and the Long House. We faced north and I felt the wind pushing us toward the water.

Eileen moved us down to the beach area and we stood with our backs to the west facing the original Boeing building across the Duwamish staring back at us from the eastside of the Duwamish. She led us in ohms and I offered sound makers to everyone. At one point I offered the holy water to everyone before offering it to the Duwamish so the union between us and the duwamish would be cellular and connecting us with all parts of the planet. Each person in that group had brought so much love with them it was impossible not to feel the vibrations rippling through us and connecting all Life.

Birds were hovering above us. And several Canadian Geese swam over to where we were and I felt them “remember” an ancient time. They watched us joined us and toned with us. I looked up into the sky towards the north and saw clouds that looked like wings coming towards us. I said look at the wings to Tracey, the woman next to me. I saw her looking up and north then her gaze turned a little further to the west and I saw a body and another wing extend from the first wing. a third wing followed the first 2 coming at us from the north.

I looked again across the Duwamish past the Boeing building and saw massive cumulous clouds massing and moving north. I realised the wind was still blowing from the south. Yet these striated clouds that looked like wings were flowing to us from the north.

I know a sign when I see one.

In gratitude
Susan Harmon


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