Moving ahead with new site, new branch, book edits and LLC

As I write this, I realize I have been creating a stronger framework for The Reiki Training Program to exist.  Today we launched the new look to our website.  Its much easier to navigate, and from my end, much easier to add content, changes to dates of classes, etc.

Over the summer, the Program has a branch campus expanding in Spokane, WA through Compass Rose run by Sharon Zadra, Reiki master.  I’ll be teaching Insight Reiki classes there in the fall.

I’ll be giving more time to my book edits now, moving forward with that project…and to round it all out, I am switching the business structure of RTP into a Licensed Liability Corporation, making RTP its own formal entity.  The ‘birth’ sign for RTP is now Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising.  6/21/10 at 5:40pm PST.  Any astrologers out there to tell me more?!!!


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