Duwamish Blessings: A Convergence of Healers

This is a story of the convergence of healers, healing intention and helping the planet when you surrender to something greater than you and gently hold space for what will occur.

My end of the story of the Duwamish water blessings begins with the work of Dr. Masura Emoto, who has photographed the effect of healing intention and positive vs. negative words on the crystalline structure of water.

When he was coming to Seattle on a speaking engagement, his coordinator asked me if I would facilitate healing blessings of various areas of water in the Seattle, as Dr. Emoto was leading  other blessings for the Puget Sound.

My organization, the Reiki Fellowship, a group of Reiki practitioners and teachers,  initially held two simultaneous blessings:  one in the north part of the city, at Green Lake, and the other at the South end at the Duwamish River, our most polluted city river.

Afterwards, Dr. Emoto’s group asked if the Fellowship would continue to offer monthly blessings at the Duwamish, because they had taken an initial sample from the water, and it didn’t seem able to form a crystal.  After the first blessing we did, coincidentally, the Boeing company, who’s factory had contributed much of the pollutants to the river,  had announced it was going to offer for a cleanup to begin next year.

So, we decided to synch up the blessings on the 25th of each month, as Dr. Emoto was encouraging other healers and community members around the world to do so and continue the process each month for 6 months and then take a water sample to see the final effect.

Dr. Emoto doesn’t consider his work ‘science’, but ‘art’, and I thought, if all else, it would contribute to art, to community building, and possibly to the health of the River.

It then occurred to me that other members of the community might also be interested in contributing their gifts of song, music, and healing abilities and opened the circle wider.

Enter the next phase of our blessing ceremony, where Rose De Dan, of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing offers her gift of ritual and Sha’ari Garfinkel of Inner Listening, offers her gift of the healing power of sound.  Both women were called to work with the healing of the Duwamish for years prior to our convergence. 

As our 3rd ceremony began,  Rose De Dan lead us into ritual and song of the Earth Mother, Pachamama while we blew our intentions into sacred cedar.  Here is the link to the audio from this gathering.

Sha’ari Garfinkel took our cedar healing intentions and merged them with water from the river in her beautiful crystal bowl which she played, sending out the vibrations across park into the Duwamish below.

Then the cedar was released into the great river as participants sent Reiki and thoughts to the water.  Sha’ari played beautiful Native American flute for our contemplation and later some of us joined in toning ‘om’.

Finishing with the statements Dr. Emoto has said to bodies of water everywhere:  “I love you, I thank you and I respect you” we closed the ceremony as it was opened, honoring the directions and coming back into our centers of truth.

More photos to come and the first filming of the ceremony will be included in a documentary on these blessings to be held every 25th of the month, 7-8pm through September.

I’m Eileen Dey, director/founder of the Reiki Training Program, only licensed vocational school of Reiki in WA state.  I’ve been teaching/practicing for over 15 years, working with many hundreds of people from around the country and world.

Many of those students have gone on to become part of our Reiki Fellowship, in which we provide sessions, classes and outreach to the greater community.  Our mission has always been to connect the world through Reiki, whether that is helping human beings, animals, or the planet itself.


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  1. Faith Duncan
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 09:29:15

    Hi Eileen,
    I saw you at Body Mind Soul in Houston last year. I’d like to get some information from you about your Duwamish water blessings.
    Can you please contact me at fduncanrn@yahoo.com.
    Thank you,

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