Getting follow-up article on Reiki for Veterans ready for publication

Put the final edits in to my follow-up article on Reiki for Veterans into Reiki New Magazine to be published in their Fall issue.  Had an incredible story for a vet in the UK through the Reiki master contact I have, here is his story:

Peter Hayward, Reiki Master for the Military Trauma Charity in the UK had shared with me the benefits that Reiki had on one of his patients, ‘Ben’ stated:

“ Since having Reiki treatment I have now: –

  • Sat in the doctors waiting room with young babies present
  • Sat with friends children
  • Shook hands with my friend’s 18month old baby
  • I do not walk away from kids crying
  • I’m in the best relationship in the world with the most amazing girl and we talk about having children of our own!!
  • I mix in groups
  • I no longer need or take anti-depressants as Reiki is now my way of dealing with the big D.

I still have a long way to go but the Reiki really helps and it does not harm me the way medication can. I have started to have a ‘normal’ life like well mentally anyway. Now I see a future and not just PTSD. I urge all sufferers like me to at least try Reiki, can’t harm”.

Stay tuned for the full article when its approved.



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