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Getting organized on the editing today…here is the summary for my book Touching the World Through Reiki:

The Reiki system of healing works incredibly well for helping to balance the mind and to bring a sense of peace to individuals who are in pain. But what happens when you take Reiki beyond the scope of the treatment room and bring it out into the world?
Who would you help? How would you do it?
Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC is the founder/director of the only state certified vocational school of Reiki in Washington. Over the last ten years, she has taught over a thousand students from 20 countries. This is the story of that journey and of the Reiki Fellowship who have provided Reiki training to veterans, outreach to local communities, healing ceremonies to the environment as well as integrating Reiki into art forms like music, painting, drawing and acting.
As a therapist, Eileen has also developed her own method of integrating Reiki into the context of the counseling session called Insight Reiki. Individuals can also use the guided meditations included in the book for greater clarity and understanding of their emotional and physical symptoms.
Reiki is a technique that one can send to the whole world and effect change. But one can also serve as a beacon of light for change and attract the whole world to them.


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