Wearing my other hat today, literally!

I donned a new hat I bought at the West Seattle fair last weekend, ready to hold space for the monthly Seattle Cold Reader’s show tonight. 

Its a lot of fun if you like live theater, improv and some tasty appetizers.  Anyway, we are taking that show into the TV studio this weekend, hopefully airing a series of it in the next month.

I’ve been loving my time editing at the studio, finished a commercial for the Duwamish River Blessings we do, that should be posted in the next week.

But tomorrow, I’m taking off.  Its been a busy few weeks, writing, editing, seeing clients, teaching this weekend, aah!

I know, get used to it, when the book comes out, the promotional tour will start…goodness, can’t think of that right now.  Maybe I should give myself some Reiki, ya think?! 

And I hope to have my online calendar of classes and sessions working in the next day, I see it doesn’t list all the fabulous events through the fall…if you go to Google, its there, but not on my site…go figure.  Technical glitches…is Mercury in retrograde?  Not sure.

When I honor the pause to type this blog today, I do feel the Universal energy support all around me, thats comforting…but managing the limits of human existance is challenging…I can only do so much in the span of a day….but when I pause too long, I find that I feel my mortality and all the things I want and need to accomplish before I die.  I don’t think retirement is in the cards for me, not because of financial issues, but because I want to offer to the world all I can before I depart it, hopefully another 40 years or so of good works…but as a monk once told me, you just never know.

Last night, the power went out for an hour, brought up a reminder of being prepared, on all levels of life, so thats probably what is fueling these thoughts.

So I won’t be online tomorrow (briefly in the morning)….and teaching Reiki 2 on Saturday, so if there isn’t a big blog, forgive me.  More to come, as always….


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