Sweet summer river blessing

A merging of events happened at the Duwamish river blessing yesterday.  The river coalition was leading a group of about 20 kayakers when we arrived to set up for the blessing.  They curiously observed us setting up gongs, bowls, tools of ritual and when we had concluded, they came back and played!

Another photographer, David, is involved in documenting healing for the river and he and our own camera crew were snapping away while we chanted, toned, gonged and offered healing Reiki to the water.

I left, as always, feeling elated and charged, that this work is important and that the river and all its inhabitants were quite happy (we saw 2 salmon jump out while we were there!).  Graced by a full beautiful moon, I reflected on the amazing journey this ritual has taken all of us on over the last five months.

I’ll be sad to end them next month, with the final blessing on September 25th, but feel that the energy of intention is a strange and mysterious force and that there is more to come in this chapter.

We’ve build the beginnings of a beautiful prayer flag and need a home for it and also a place to showcase all the footage that has documented our work….so as always, stay tuned.

Many thanks to all who came, to Rose, Leslie, Sha’ari and Michael and to the work all of you do in the world.



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