Reiki for family harmony

This weekend, my parents came to visit, giving them a respite from the heat in Arizona, where they live, and time for reconnection and a little relaxation.

Before we all departed for our trip to lovely Victoria, B.C., I had the opportunity to give my dad a Reiki session.  He had surgery a few weeks back to replace the wire on his defibulator (had his heart attack 4 years ago and they recalled the wires!).  He made it through the surgery fine, but he’s limited in range of motion and needs to rest often.

So kudos to that wonderful BioMat (heating pad infused with crystals)!  He fell asleep and went into a deep relaxation.  When he was waking he asked if I could give some Reiki to his sore shoulders.  Its always an honor to work on my parents, they’ve given me so much in my life and I’m grateful for the relationship that has deepened over time.

Dad felt much relief and asked me more about my book and upcoming tour.  I could feel he was quite proud.

Then mom poked her head into the Reiki room and asked if she could try the BioMat.  Dad relaxed in the living room some more and mom had her first experience with the technique I had developed, Insight Reiki to help with her low back and foot pain.

She was quite impressed and relaxed and it was a wonderful way to create good parental harmony for the next leg of our journey.

Today we are off to the Buchart Gardens in Victoria to take in the lovely gardens here.  Flower energy is magical and I’m sure we will have more continued harmony and rest, which we all need, and reconnection with the Divine within.


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