Teaching Reiki is always the teacher

Wrapped up another Reiki I class, probably one of many hundreds I have taught in my career.  But what I am always amazed at, even though its the same material, the individuals who come to class always bring a fresh, new way of interpreting the material.

I know at the end of the day when students comment they feel ‘strong but energized’, “connected to something greater than themselves’, and ‘amazingly peaceful’ that I have done something right in facilitating their learning of that which is often difficult to articulate.

Each individual who comes to Reiki does so for their own reasons-their own health, integrating the system into their profession or just a ‘gut’ knowing they need to be there.

After a level I class, they walk forward with a greater awareness, a greater knowing that they have the power and potential to make change through their own being.

It makes me smile, and sigh.

I feel Reiki is a birthright for everyone, and some day, I would be very happy if we all grew up with this awareness, rather than have to come to it as adults.

But I know that there is a time and place for everything, and when we were all younger, perhaps our families weren’t in a place to ‘hold space’ for that learning.

So better late than never!


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