Reiki 2…additional insights

A great group of women for the Reiki 2 class yesterday.  We packed in a lot of info in just one day.  I wanted to share with them and this post additional uses and review for the symbols in the Reiki 2 system:

All can be used as both a mantra and yantra (visual focus) for increased Reiki practice:

Cho Ku Reiki, power symbol, increases Reiki light, provides clarity, can be used for protection, helps to removes blocks.  Try drawing it with the third eye, your hand, your breath…use it in sesisons, space clearing, with obstacles.

Sei He Ki, mental/emotional balancing symbol, can be used with self (aka Insight Reiki meditation) or with others in session for facilitating releases/insight.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, distant healing symbol, can be used in conjuntion with the other two to send healing to oneself in the past (when it would have been great to have extra Reiki!), to one’s ‘past life’ for greater insight, to one self in the present (on all levels…atomic to cosmic), to others (always ask permission of their higher self)..and just offer the Reiki, like you do in level I, not forcing, giving it room and establish ‘connection’.  In that connection is communication, so be open to additional insights.

You can also send Reiki to those that have passed on, long ago or more recent to help with their transition.

You can send Reiki out to the world and to the future, enhancing it with great light.

Reiki 2 reinforces that you can send Reiki to just about anything.

The symbols act as a focus and as a transport…a matrix that gives direction and enhancement to the flow.



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