The amazing effects of doing 6 months of Duwamish Blessings

With our last Duwamish River Blessing on Saturday, from 7-8pm I’m a bit sad to end the blessings for year..but the fall and winter weather approaches and as we experienced back in May, it can be a bit challenging to do an outdoor ritual in pouring rain…..nevertheless, perhaps we will continue to hold circles indoors…and send the energy at a distance because the latest piece of news is that Boeing is tearing down one of their large, outdated factory buildings along the river and turning it into a wildlife area.  Here’s the link:

I know Boeing has had its own agenda and time line, but when we began back in April, 2 days after that first blessing they released an announcement for funding cleanup:

Hmm, methinks something is afoot energetically…and reinforces my belief of how we are all connected.

So, if you can make it, come on Saturday, lets see what our mojo can do, Dr. Emoto’s coordinator is coming to take a sample of the water to send to him for review.  When we started, no crystal would form…now 6 months later, perhaps something beautiful can be represented in the water….


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