Duwamish Memories

Today I reflect on all the wonderful ceremonies of this past year, for those who haven’t seen all the photos, they are on my Reiki meetup group:  http://www.meetup.com/Reiki-Training-Program-Reiki-Circle/photos/.  We continue through the fall on the 3rd Saturdays indoors at the Duwamish Longhouse lead by Sha’ari Garfinkel our Gong Goddess of the River!

Pat Ramussen, coordinator for Dr. Masura Emoto attended last night and guided us in the blessings Dr. Emoto offers to water everywhere.  She stated he was just in the Gulf region and after chanting to the water ‘Water, I am sorry, I thank you, I love you, I forgive you’, the clouds in the sky formed a heart through which the blue shown through.  Amazing.

We had our own answers to those prayers with the water lapping the shore in response, ‘thank you, thank you for these blessings!’.  Today at 1:30pm I return to the river to collect a water sample (at low tide) to return to Dr. Emoto for testing and photographing….stay tuned for details!

Through the fall, we’ll be working with editor Tom Brophy on the the Duwamish footage taken this past year for compliation into a documentary to be shown next year.  Details of viewings forthcoming.

One of our artists who worked on the prayer flags we had created made a logo for our work.  Its truly wonderful:


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