Watching from the outside in

The last few days I’ve been reflecting a lot about how as an energy worker, I’m often watching the comings and goings of the world from the outside and peering in.

A lot of what I see makes me more determined to keep doing this work in the world for peace because not only individuals, but the world as a whole needs it.

I’m planning on using each speaking engagement on my Reiki world tour as an opportunity to promote what I call ‘discernment’, which is clear seeing of reality.

Its often not easy to come to.  We still have egos, preconceived judgments, old beliefs…how on earth can we see ‘clearly’.

My message is that in ‘honoring the pause’, ‘making space for healing’ we can have some room for the truth to emerge.

Not from an outside source, but from within…and when that comes we have to learn to trust the wisdom and stay true to it.

I’ve found it can often be a lonely place, because not all around you can see what you see.

But where I go with that is the greater force around, in my case, I call it Reiki, supports me even when fellow humans aren’t in line with the vision….and because Reiki is greater than us all, to me, it is essential truth.

So I continue to watch from the outside, knowing this inner wisdom does not lie and in that knowing, I find comfort.


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