Reflections on the Fellowship of The One Gathering

Yesterday’s One Gathering, facilitated and organized by Jen Yost was yet another  incredible demonstration of the power of coming together as Reiki Fellowship.

When I arrived to set up our table display, I must have hugged at least ten different Fellowship members, re-connected with practitioners I haven’t seen since the fundraising gala and just took in the old adage that ‘it takes a village’….

The ‘Village’ cam through yesterday with the success of the event, the music, graphic light show, presentations, meditations and attunement were all highlights, well orchestrated and successfully executed.

Its no small task.  I hope next year Jen receives the continued support, its a big undertaking, one I am happy to continue to sponsor and witness in its evolution.

Me, Jen Yost and Samantha Parrott.


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