Reiki helps heal…a testimonial

Just got this from one of my students who took the Reiki 1 class on Saturday:

“We put the name of my friend in the Reiki circle for 3 minutes.  He was in critical condition.  He just had a massive heart attack 2 days earlier, was in ICU and was having problems breathing.  I didn’t look good. The day after the training I recieved a call from a friend that his condition had changed dramatically and that he would be released to go home on Monday.  He was doing really well.  I like to think it was the power of the Reiki healing circle.”

Another amazing Reiki testimonial!   Today I’m off to UW medical center to give a Reiki session to a man who just had a knee replacement.  I’m wearing my Reiki ‘uniform’….spreading the light to the medical community and doing good work in the meantime.


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