Reiki and the Spirits of Spokane

Yesterday, during Insight Reiki students experienced the woo-woo realm of Reiki in that they felt their deceased loved ones come into their consciousness to offer them guidance and support.  So moving was the experience, the student cried and could ‘smell’ the fragrance her grandmother used to wear.

The other student experienced hearing the spirit of Joe, who said he had died due to smoking so much.  As the student acknowledged the spirit, Joe entered her channel, convulsed her body and exited through her heart chakra into the light.

The other Insight Reiki student who was working with me stood there with eyes wide, watching the woman on the table, in effect, become temporarily ‘posessed’ by Joe.

It was unexpected for sure and for me, even though I have seen a lot of unexplained phenomena in my life, it was disturbing in how distraught the student was afterwards, feeling shaken and cold from being used as a channel.

So, it brought up a further dialogue about being grounded in your integrity as a healer, that you can ‘hear the voices’ of spirits or beings of light, but that they don’t have to go through you in order for you to help them or the people they are attached to heal.

I use the analogy of ‘being a Teflon tube’ when one is channeling Reiki, so nothing ‘sticks’ to you.  Sharon’s advice was ‘stop wearing the Use Me I’m a Channel T-shirt’ for the spirit world and instead, replace one’s affirmation with ‘I am of Service to the Spirit World’…..

So from that experience of what I would call ‘High’ Woo-woo, just 15 minutes after class ended, Richard and his family picked me up and we went to dinner at Red Lobster.

I’ve experienced those dimension shifts before from non-ordinary to ordinary reality within the span of a few hours,  Red Lobster, being so absolutely ordinary, took the cake!

Afterwards, Richard and I went walking around downtown Spokane and I jumped back into non-ordinary reality.  We passed a building where we both felt the presence of a spirit, and if on cue, the elevator inside opened, with no one present, but we both heard a loud ‘THUMP’…and it startled us to walk on a little faster.

Around the block we passed two other ‘haunted houses’, this time ‘just’ the tingly sense of phantom eyes watching us as we passed.

Finally, after a day of ‘in and out woo-woo’, we stopped at a restaurant for a ‘last-call’ of a different kind of spirit!

So today, Sunday, as I said good-bye to my Eastern Wa enterouge, I come back into the purpose of this trip…Touching the World Through Reiki.  Tomorrow night is a Reiki circle at Compass Rose, Tuesday, book signing at Auntie’s.  Wednesday, flying back home to Seattle…and then a few days later we gear up to do 3 book signings and presentations down in Portland and Vancouver, WA.

I’m enjoying some time off today, and a rest from the spiritual world that continues to amaze me.


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