Exiting the comfort zone

Going out on the ‘road’ for the book tour, staying in various cities, meeting new people is what travel is all about…existing your comfort zone and opening up to the other possibilities and potential all around.

I’m reminded that I can include some of these same pieces into my every day life, whether its trying out a different cafe in the morning (rather than going to the same old same old), driving a different route, even starting off the day in a new way, like watching a few TV shows before beginning work!

I never watch TV, but being in my hotel, I’ve seen Celebrity Ghost Stories, an Indie film on the escapades working in a parking lot, and a history channel show on Aesop’s Fables.

Ok, maybe I have a little more time away from home base, but ‘shaking things up’ gets a lot of creativity going!

Tonight, we have a Reiki circle at the Compass Rose center, looking forward to connecting with yet more spiritual community in the humble berg of Spokane.



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