Taking Reiki Deeper

Yes, its possible.  My trip to Spokane has shown that.  Not that you are ‘doing’ anything more than you usually do in the practice of Reiki, but when you combine this incredible healing art with clients and students needing it in such a deep way, you yourself as practitioner go deeper.

Its incredibly humbling to witness all the individual stories I have heard over the last few days: broken marriages, homelessness, PTSD, recovery from psychosis and drug addiction.  In many ways, I felt drawn back to my base as a counselor and then thrust forward into an energy healer, holding space for much trauma to be released.

And it was released…in big and vast ways.  Then, to no surprise, I was informed that at the Eastern WA campus of Reiki Training Program, the director there works with a ‘council’ of channeled energy beings…guardian angels in some worlds, in this, they were present in every single session….releasing long-held disease and disorder in those who received treatments.

Its a powerful center that has been created here in Eastern WA at the Compass Rose Center.  I am part of that creation, using my Seattle school as a model for them to follow.  I still am taking all that in, because so many people are being helped.  It exemplifies the title of my book:  “Touching the World Through Reiki”.  Spokane will continue to be infused, changed and transformed in years to come.


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