Its the journey not the destination

Had a sweet book presentation/signing at Auntie’s Books this evening.  Spent more time talking with the staff of the bookstore about Reiki before and after actually, which felt in a weird way, why I needed to be there rather than the people who attended.

This first leg of the tour has reminded me about the tour being the ‘journey’ and that the signings are not the ‘destination’..although book sales are nice, of course….but this is a greater process I can’t even begin to imagine.

One of the staff members told me that there is a Native American story that the original Spokane tribe blessed the land that the city and surrounding area is on so that no black magic could be practiced here.  In years past, when groups have tried to, they are unable to.  I got chills hearing this and was reaffirmed why Reiki is taking off in this town.

I am looking forward to returning to Seattle tomorrow for a few days before Portland, but feel that even that familiar place will have a different level of meaning for me opening up to the greater purpose for what this tour is based on.


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