Life between worlds

For just a few days I’m back in Seattle before hitting the road on book tour…its an interesting experience…one I haven’t felt before.

I hold space for the clients and students I’m meeting with, but my body/mind feels in travel mode still…tomorrow eve I board a train to Portland.

This book tour has been one of the biggest stretches of my energy field…even though in my ‘prior life’ I traveled far and wide, East Asia, Europe, Turkey, South America, etc….but I went as a tourist, not a participant in spreading the word of Reiki….

So this chapter of my life is very sweet that way. My boyfriend, Richard, is incredibly supportive, when he can’t accompany me, and I feel like this time in my life, its ‘ok’ for me to be ‘me’…which is still coming under definition!!!

Just this first leg of the tour has taught me that people everywhere, even in the smallest of hamlets strive for connection and community…its age old, in all of us…beyond religious doctrine..more like coming into the oneness of who we are.  With that I continue my mission onward, in reaching out, connecting, inspiring…and leaving an imprint for others to follow….


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