Being touched by the world

This trip I have felt the reverse flow of Reiki, in that each encounter I have been touched by Reiki rather than me reaching out to others in the same way I did in Spokane.

Thats kind of cool and surprising to me.  Yesterday, all the people I connected with had something invaluable to teach to me…Reiki practitioners doing their own incredible work in Portland, my colleague and Insight Reiki mentor Karma, who has established his own acupuncture clinic in Vancouver supported in part by his love of technology and social media, and then the clincher, attending the Halloween party last night at a converted turkey farm….

Imagine if you will, the basement of a long farm converted into a haunted placehouse for both adults and children…purple and orange lights, spider webs, ghouls, goblins, hundreds of people decked out in costumes of their own creation, conversations with NASA architechts! and die hard motorcycle riders around the fire pit….

Ok, maybe the last bit isn’t exactly Reiki, but what is Reiki afterall if not a means of connecting energetically with each other and the world?!!

I’m not done yet, more connecting this morning and afternoon, and being

Halloween itself, I’m open to the advice from the ‘other side’…


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