Playing the shapeshifting game

Now back in Seattle for a few weeks before heading down south to New Orleans and Texas…I’m starting to get the ‘hang of it’ in terms of shapeshifting from travel-outreach-connection-expansion to home base-practice-routine…feels like ‘2 bodies’ actually…one on the road, one stationary moving at the same time.

I think all my previous Reiki work has prepared me for this type of sojourn, I’m grateful for all the support I receive.

I feel if anything, I am brought back into the present moment because so many things end up happening so fast on the road and then coming home, they finally get a chance to integrate…..the only thing I really can do is be present and watch that occur while I am involved in the process….

A good analogy to that experience would be the glass snow paperweight….you shake it up, there is a storm inside the glass, its chaotic, beautiful, and yet contained….once the snow settles, you can see clearly, but the landscape has changed from what it was before…and yet, some things remain stationary.

Having fun with all that!


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