Being of service: a calling and a balancing act

In scheduling my appointments for today (5 clients and a  2 hour Reiki circle), I realize that holding space for the healing of others is most definately a calling that not everyone shares.

Being of service to others as a counselor or Reiki practitioner requires the surrender of one’s ego to a point…in that the session or class or event is greater than the personality and even presence of the practitioner, yet requires that very presence to give room for the healing to occur.

What I’ve personally found out over time, however, that holding all that space pushes my ego aside and also deep within…feels like two directions at the same time.

That allows for some amazing healing for clients, but for my own personal growth and artist self, it can prove to be a delicate balance.

I’ve been involved in the acting world over the last four years and last night went to see my friend Tom Brophy in Renton Civic Theater’s rendition of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Tom did a great job as ensemble and the set and costumes were amazing.  The actor who played Ichabod Crane was perfectly cast.  He embodied the essence of Ichabod, he had surrendered his ego over to the character.

When I played Maddie Monroe in the Tony and Tina’s Wedding production last year, I surrendered over to Maddie and yet also kept the balance of my professional and healing work.

Now my acting has channeled into my book tour and presentations, but its not a character I am playing, just me being me playing me on tour….my balance right now is letting even more of my ego come forth in my presentations yet not having it dominate the healing work once it has come forth.   I’m going to meditate further on this….


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