Taking a deeper dive…into Reiki…into social media

I miss scuba diving, have to get me a dry suit one of these years to tackle the chilly Puget Sound.  This photo was from our trip to the Keys several years back.  If you haven’t read my essay on scuba and Reiki, you can check it out in my new book, Touching the World Through Reiki.

But in the meantime, I do get to take deep dives this weekend,  to 60 and 80 feet, starting tonight as we head into Reiki 3:  Rediscovering the Inner Buddha.  This level is always a transformative experience, for the students, for me…I’m just getting myself prepared.  Going to the chiro this morning to align my body.

Then Sunday, its going up several feet into the realm of Reiki I, no less profound, but energetically, more in the 20 foot zone of Reiki diving.

Besides getting enough bodywork and taking time out, social media has also seemed to act as a counterbalance.  My colleauge Andrea Rae graciously gave me an inpromptu lesson on http://hootsuite.com to manage FB, Twitter, WordPress, etc….and my life has never been the same.

Still trying to figure out 4square….so if you have any tips, let me know….until the next dive.


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