Honoring Veterans


One of the reasons we live in a ‘free’ society is the courage and bravery of our men and women who have gone to war over the course of our country’s existence.

War is not something as a Reiki practitioner I wish for, but its a complicated topic and life experience that rightfully so heats up much debate.

My colleauges and I have been teaching veterans Reiki over the last 4 years.  It is an incredibly honor.  I am aware that more and more the services are investigating alternative care to assist in such debilitating disorders, such as PTSD, that accompany a soldier long after they have left the battlefront.

This veteran’s day, Thursday, November 11th, from 3-7pm, myself and several of my colleagues will be offering free Reiki sessions to veterans and their family members in different parts of Seattle.  If you are a vet, we honor your service.  If you are an interested in making an appointment or are an interested practitioner Please call 206.947.7687 or email reikikitrainingprogram@Gmail.com.  Thank you for your commitment to our country.


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