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Saw the movie Social Network last night.   The way the founder of Facebook is portrayed in the film, he basically created this network  to seek revenge of an ex-girlfriend.  Whether thats the way it happened, or, as Wikipedia states, he just considers himself a hacker, calls into question for me personally the long-term result of creating a vision without integrity.

The Reiki Training Program was created because there was a lack of structured, standardized Reiki training in Seattle when I arrived here 11 years ago.   It has since grown to encompass a campus in Spokane and it looks like one in Vancouver, WA is on the horizon.

As this vision continues to expand, not only with more schools, but through the publication of my book, I feel it absolutely imperative to come back to the integrity of that original vision, that desire that created the original school.

I feel from that place, truth will prevail, and a greater understanding for working with healing energy will emerge.  Reiki connects people in the same way Facebook can, but instead of sharing relationship status, photos, jokes, musings, we go deeper, into a Universal truth that we are all one.

You don’t have to create  billions of dollars to realize that.  But if you do end up making a lot of money off of your invention, I think personally, that abundance needs to flow back into making the world a better place, not just one individual.  Perhaps Facebook does contribute to certain humanitarian causes, but are they doing it as a tax write-off, or genuinely caring….thats the piece I’m feel is a miss right now in the social network community….what is it doing financially to help the world once it’s got everyone connected?


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  1. Jon A
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 18:29:16

    So I haven’t seen the movie, but I know the story and it made me think that once he uncorked the bottle that released the Genie of global interpersonal connection, he lost control of what WE do with it. This made me think of how in our practice the energy goes where it needs to go regardless of our actions. Maybe it’s the same thing – if he created a great thing for the wrong reasons, he still has his own spiritual battle to fight but in the meantime, the energy expended is used for the right purpose. Like you are doing right now 😉

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