Is Reiki the same thing as the Holy Spirit?

That was the question asked at last night’s book signing at Third Place Books.  I answered that I feel that Reiki is a positive force that is greater than any individual ego, and that ‘ego’ can stand for ‘Edging God (or however you define God) Out”.  So when we are full of ego, there isn’t room for Spirit, or Healing Universal Force.

But I am hesitant to attach any particular religious philosophy to Reiki, because thats one thing I’ve always appreciated about the technique is that it is non-denominational, and because of that, everyone from all faiths and beliefs can come and share in working with it.

I love going out into the public on this book tour, because you never know what questions, dialogues, discussions you will have.

I think the woman who asked the question seemed to come to her own answer as we did several rounds of varying Reiki practice.

For me, thats the best way to come to your own conclusion…through the experience of Reiki and let it’s light shine the truth that resonates within.


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