Gulf Coast Reflections

Heading out of New Orleans yesterday, I drove along the Gulf Coast up to visit relatives in Biloxi, MS.  Getting out of town after having the incredible experiences of the day before gave me an opportunity to reflect on this ‘Reiki Roadwork’. 

When I meet new people, I find what I find all over the world, that they want health, happiness and a purpose in their life.  Each city offers different ways of achieving those goals, and the Gulf Coast was no different.

Evidence of Katrina’s wrath is still apparent, recently rebuilt piers, buildings, new facades on ocean front houses.  Trees that were downed by the storm were lovingly honored by local craftsman and turned into totem poles of art.  In Biloxi, there are blue lines on the tops of utility poles to bear stark reminder of just how high the waters had come.

Evidence of the oil spill was not apparent, much wildlife was seen jumping in and out of the waters and restaurants are able to sell shellfish again.  Locals commented that nature has an interesting way of returning to balance.

In Biloxi, the relatives I met are in their late 60’s and they both had a myriad of health complaints.  Being on the Reiki tour, I set to work, none of them having ever experienced the treatment before.  They both wanted to know more, and I explained as best I could and promised to send a book when I got back.

They told me of their own trials through Katrina, which took out all the electricity in their town for two months.  No electricity, no gasoline (pumps are electric), no banking, post office, cell phone….somehow Walmart was the only place able to remain open to the public.

And this was in early September of 2005, when the heat is oppressive…so they spent much of the day outside their over-heated home, saving the electricity from their small generator to work the fridge and keep the cell phones charged for when service eventually came back on.  “It was like war time” they said with solemn reflection.

We ended the visit with a dinner at a down-South mom and pop restaurant, seafoood and shellfish in plenty supply.  Waitresses taking their time to get to know you and hear about where you are from.

On the way back to N.O., I sent Reiki to the Gulf, feeling a responding ‘Thank-you’ from the waters, which ebbed and flowed as they have done for millions of years beneath a full moonlit sky, sparkled with stars.

The Gulf Coast has reminded me of the importance of community to rebuilt after destruction, of the importance of slowing down and taking time to connect and relate as human beings, leaving the lap top and cell phone aside to share a cup of tea with a new friend.

I’m not sorry I didn’t indulge in the party side of New Orleans.  I took some deep dives here that went beyond the surface most visitor see. 

I’m still within the flow of that timelessness today, as I set forth to Houston, to continue to connect with Reiki, more of my family, and see what the light will shine on next.


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