Getting back into the body

AAAH, just finished received an hour Swedish massage at Myo in Austin.   I’ve been giving myself Reiki every day on this tour, but having another practioner integrate the two modalities is just heaven.  So needed, and much processing of all the prior days drifting up an out through my consciousness.  Highly recommend a stop if you pass through this way.

Afterward, stopped in nearby Bookwoman, where I’ll give my last talk of the tour tomorrow.  Great feminist shop, empowering owners….a whole other group of people to connect with.  Wonder who will turn up.

I received word its snowed in Seattle…well, it’s 70’s and balmy here…hoping to tour around town today.  Austin feels like a second home actually, even before I’ve begun to explore.  There is an openeness here in the great Republic of Texas…I’m looking forward to the next discovery…..on to pick up my parents from the airport and get some good Southern lunch!


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