Headed home to the lands of the Northwest

So now its time to leave the hospitality, warmth and incredible food of the South.  How do I feel about that?  A little melancholy, but I know that home in Seattle, my sweetie, my kitties, my Reiki community awaits.  I”m glad I have the weekend off to recoup, do laundry, go through the mail, etc….and just regroup for a busy December before the final leg of the 2010…to Scottsdale, AZ….but at least I’ve got a month before that trip.

The people I’ve met in New Orleans, Biloxi, Austin and Houston remind me to take it more easy, even on the laid-back West coast.  To make time for connections, conversation, and relating.

That family can surprise you, even if you think they know you and you know then, there is always room for expansion, surprises and extra doses of love.

That spirituality MUST have a place in each and every day, no matter how busy work gets, obligations, etc.

And finally, taking care of the body must balance out the mind.  I must have walked at least 20 or so miles over this last week coming and going…I’m determined to keep that up, even if it means donning the foul weather gear in Seattle.

All aboard for the plane, I’ve got a book on the status of Chinese peasants (in modern China) to keep me company…always reaching out across the world and through time to see what is going on and where the light needs to shine.


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