Searching for magic between the rain drops

Today as I went out into the rain, I realized I was searching for the magic that has come through my book tour travels.  Seattle roads soaked in rain are familiar, traffic somewhat predictable, even the radio announcer’s voice felt like a noisy neighbor.  So I realized I was having all those thoughts and just ‘gave them space’ as I’m oft to do, being open to finding the magic in the familiar.

I had a lovely morning meeting with my dear colleague Andrea Rae owner of the amazing Alinga Bodywork, catching up and talking about the creative writing process. I felt inspired and changed in consciousness as I headed on to East West Bookshop for a day of counseling and Reiki.

All my afternoon appointments ended up being rescheduled, to my surprise, and with that open time I connected with several other customers coming into the store inquiring about Reiki…definately nothing I had expected.

When sessions finally did commence, they were powerful and thought-provoking, and one client had a critical  illness that brought in so much radiant Reiki light I thought the room was going to levitate.

Finally able to take a break later in the day, I laid down to give myself Reiki and ended up falling asleep for 1.5 hours!!  Now that’s a record…but I trust the process.  When I awoke, I had the serendipitous experience of a poignant conversation with a fellow practitioner which seemed to end my day full circle (and in a different directional spin) from where it had started.

So magic has been found, in the familiar and between the drops.  I bow to this greater process.


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