Coping with the limits of the physical body

Today I woke up to intense back pain.  Applying heat and Reiki and some Ibuprofen is helping, but I’m reminded yet again about the limits of our humble physical bodies.

From past experience, I know this will ‘work itself out’, but its frustrating.  So I’m ‘being’ with the pain, seeing it as another opportunity to be in the present, to slow down, to ask for help and support.

I focus on the other things that are working, my mind, my sense of humor, my ability to eat, to compose…..and my vision that is able to take in this beautiful day already beginning.

Those in my household sense my discomfort, my cats, my beloved…all trying to ‘make it better’, and I appreciate that immensely.  I’m not one to complain.  But I’m allowing this time to be reflective, to yet again just be with the limits we often encounter….and so it is.


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