Random Hacks of Kindness

That’s the actual title of the event Richard and I went to today.  It’s a group of software developers dedicated to creating innovations that help humanity.  It’s sponsored by this awesome community group, Jigsaw Rennaisance in the Madison Valley neighborhood.

Remember the scenes in the Facebook movie of programmers collaborating all night with their laptops?  Well, that’s what is going on here through tomorrow.  It’s an amazing feeling of all that intellect in one room.

The coordinator told me when they aren’t doing these or Dorkbot conventions, they hold classes in Calculus for fun.

Wow.  I’m kind of in awe. But I am inspired by the community feel of the place, similar to a Reiki circle for geeks.  I’d like to have a more community based place, so I’m putting that out to the Universe.  I know it’s out there.  Maybe one of the hackers will know!


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