Getting away with it..secrets told!

Somehow I was able to sneak off to Index, WA today for a good 3 hours, hike around and make it back to town in time to see a new client and hold a class…how did that happen?

It wasn’t planned, I was headed north this morning to meet with my book distributor, and then head back, that was the plan…aaahhhhhh

So my secret is, when there is an open window, jump through!!

Index is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  I have camped there before in past years but I have never been in the winter…the streams are really overflowing…into the fields…but the forest is still magically carpeted…velvet green, beckoning….

Once in the embraces of the woods my thoughts around what I should be doing vanished…oh right, guess I should be headed back…hmmmmmm

and effortlessly somehow transported back down Rt. 2 and then 5 to town…I don’t even recall that drive…and somehow the last 4 hours of work just flowed……

So my secret is, if a window opens…jump through!!!


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