La Familia: Time to visit the familiar

Familiar and family have the same Latin root:  “of a household”…so like many people over the holidays, I embark to share space with my family in their house.

It has taken time, growing up, being in the world, but I’m grateful for the relationship I have with my parents.  And they are still married, going on 50 years pretty soon.  Amazing.  Inspiring too.

I’ll be giving a book talk after the holidays in another familiar place, Tempe, AZ, where I went to ASU oh so many years ago.  In fact, the bookstore is on the same street of the dorm I lived in and my two former roommates will be there.  Talk about a time warp!

So I embrace the familiar.  And notice the differences, sometimes they are more apparent when you have that foundation of decades…and yet, the connection still remains.  In that I open my heart.  Blessed be!


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