Feeling naughty but being nice

Christmas always brings out my inner teenager, more so than my inner child.  I took this photo on Friday night in the church office (the Episcopalians reprimanded me for being a Reiki master…no, just kidding!).  I guess I start feeling adolescent because I’m back in my parent’s home and I was pretty active in my church as a teen.  Its kind of fun.

The service was amazing, the minister is a prolific speaker and did talk about how in giving to others we invite Holy Spirit into our lives…In my mind, I substituted the word ‘Reiki’ for Holy Spirit, which was very palpable that evening as the congregation sang Silent Night.

Christmas day I had the goal of climbing 2,700 ft. Camelback mountain in the heart of Phoenix.  It was a glorious day, blue skies, warm air and Richard accompanied me on a 3 hour round trip scramble to the top.  I used to climb that mountain often when I went to college here, back then, I could do the roundtrip in about half the time…but time on this trip seems to be kind of liquid…a nice change from the frantic pace I feel I’ve been on the last 3 months.

Tonight my parents are holding a gala party at their home with about 40 guests for my first Arizona book signing.  It’s going to be the most extravagant of all the signings, so I’m wondering what my teenage muse wants to do…maybe its nothing more than whacking out my hair a bit (I have to say getting it cut has probably added to that ‘teen spirit’)….can you rock and roll to Reiki?  We’ll see…stay tuned…more frolicking and fun to come!


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