Why I love self-employment

Setting my own hours:  Waking up in sweats, hanging out on the couch, greeting my cats and writing and drinking coffee as I welcome the brand new day.  Taking my time deciding what the priorities are that need my intention.  Finding out one of my interviews was published by a Men’s Health blogger and realizing the old adage that ‘thoughts are things’. 

Spending time in creative reflection:  Blogging, taking 2 hours to do free writing on my next book or article, going for a walk in the middle of the day, playing with my cats, surfing the web, taking an improv class.

Corresponding with interesting people:  Through email, phone calls and the occasional lunch or tea date, making connections and increasing the support around my work.

Planning events that I want to do:  Reiki circles, sessions, classes, book talks, workshops in other cities.

Realizing that abundance comes from what I love:  Money is energy, where I put my energy, money and other resources follow.

Being able to take a nap when it all gets too stressful, or giving myself Reiki for a time out.

It has made me a more organized and task-focused individual.  I’m the one who is accountable.  No passing the buck.

It allows my artist self to thrive.

And finally, being able to do chores while attending to all of the above—yes, you can do it all!!!


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  1. Kelly
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 15:58:02

    I feel like I am right there with you only I have dogs not cats. Happy New Year.

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