The world needs all kinds of minds

Watched Temple Grandin last night, about the educated autistic woman who revolutionized the cattle industry.  This link is of her speaking at TED and she states the ‘world needs all kinds of minds’.  It’s very powerful and provocative to watch.  Take 20 minutes if you have the time.

I empathized with her story quite a bit.  When I was a child, I had difficulty socializing with other kids, spent a lot of time in my own imagination.   Temple states that kids need mentors to foster and develop their minds and talents.  I agree whether autistic or not, that having role models is a necessity for young minds.

My own models who encouraged me to be a visionary thinker included my 8th grade biology and computer science teachers.  They were interested in giving me opportunities to develop my intellengence. 

Through high school, college and graduate school, it was always the psychology teachers that I was most drawn to.  They helped me understand human nature and behavior.

Now as an adult and in practice as a counselor and Reiki master, it never dawned on me that perhaps there is a ‘Reiki mind’….a cultivating of the intuitive/feeling sense that is greater than others who don’t practice energy work. 

We all have the ability to do Reiki, but only some of us end up wanting to practice it.  Begs the question, Why?


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