Thankful for freedom of speech

Pakistan’s governor was assassinated because he defended a woman speaking her mind.  The assassin has been praised by his militant Muslin group for ‘putting an end to heresy’.  Ok folks, what century are we in?

The woman who spoke her mind was Christian and said something purportedly bad about the prophet Mohamed.  She denies doing that, but regardless, if you see a photo of her, she is covered head to toe in a burka.  At least give her the right to speak her mind.

Ahh, but that’s coming from my liberal, feminist and luxurious Western mindset.  I realize how very thankful I am to have freedom of speech.  Freedom to publish a book.  To blog.  On something like Reiki that I can only imagine would be considered heresy in extremist Islam.  Or really, extremist any religion.

So take pause for today are realize how fortunate we are and be free to speak your mind.  In honor of the governor and the woman that caused the current dilemma in Pakistan.


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