Touching without Reiki: Tango!

Last night during Tango, when I put my hand out on my partner’s chest no Reiki came out!  Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, afterall, it was a different intention, I wasn’t there to do Reiki, but I”m kind of used to putting my hands on someone and the energy kick in.

Instead, I was giving myself over to being led by the leader of the dance.  It’s an incredible art form, its very liberating to surrender to the direction the lead will take you.

Richard had surprised me with lessons for my Christmas gift and we started in celebration of his birthday, what a treat!

Being the first lesson, everyone present was all a little awkward, but after the hour, most had got the basic steps down and as we switched partners, I could sense which men were ‘confident’ and which were not…that’s about the extent of my energy intuition.

It will be interesting to see as time goes on if the full flow of Reiki manifests itself, Tango being such a touchy dance.  For now, I’m enjoying being able to be led (being a leader, it’s a relief to not be the one in control!) and see where the dance takes me!!  Ole!


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