Is it worth it being so available?

Being out in the open to the public certainly has its risks.  By reaching out to community, Gaby Giffords created an easy target for a troubled young man.Yet as a politician, its par for the course to meet with citizens, who hopefully will vote for you.

But it begs the question, is it worth it to be so available when we have all these other ways of reaching out to connect with people?

I don’t think politicians should retreat out of fear, but perhaps they will rethink certain public speaking strategies.

Perhaps everyone who engages in public speaking might want to think twice.  Do we really have free speech?

I’m a bit shaken by what happened, not just being a public speaker, but also knowing the volatile political climate in AZ, having just been there a few weeks ago.

Probably doesn’t help to re-watch the documentary The Corporation which makes me realize there really is too much of a profit to repeal gun laws…I’m a bit cynical today.  But  I continue to send light to the victims and families effected in the AZ shooting.

I hope out of this chaos some peace can arise.



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