One way to keep warm on a chilly day: take a nap!

Cats know this intrinsically, so we should take advice from our fur covered friends.  I love this picture, it just reminds me to curl up and cozy in when it is brrr cold.  Today, I’ve got 30 minutes of precious nap time to take inbetween clients, I am warming up the room as I type!

Winter reminds me that although my mind and ambition might be running at 150% percent, everything around me has deliberately slowed down…so I have to honor that pause and embrace the season inbetween making a living and contribution to the world.

So, get out your Snuggie, cup of tea or coco and snuggle up with kitty (although mine are happily lounging at home as I’m at East West today…still have a 5pm session open if anyone is interested, call me at 206.947.7687!).


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