The power of inspiration

Went to see the Picasso exhibit last night at the Seattle Art museum before it heads out of town today.  As many have commented, its one thing to see pictures of his work, another to be in gallery after gallery full of the presence of such genius!  I awoke this morning, glasses off to a familiar blurry world, but in looking around my room, the abstract colors I see all had form and definition!  I know its no coincidence, and am inspired to return to painting.

In Tibetan Buddism, one of the processes for transformation involves simply being in the presence of a master.  Their vibration alone can shift consciousness.

I feel the exhibit was such a presence.  Its an incredible reminder the power of vibration, through all forms of reality:  art, music, sculpture…and Reiki!

Yesterday was such a day full of inspiration, at the retirement home, filled with eighty and ninety year-olds who’s lives and experiences occupied the room in which many of us held space for Reiki.  That transmission is enriching and I look forward to more opportunities as we move forward taking our healing art form into new ventures.


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    Jan 20, 2011 @ 13:37:16

    Hi Eileen,

    Just wanted to tell you I love your blogs. You do soooo many interesting things. Wish we had the time here. We have been fighting very bad colds and Uncle Ed and I just can’t shake it. Hot tea is great and soothing. Got a PT job working at an eye doc office. Different type work, but really interesting. Meeting many people and interacting with them is nice. Just loved hearing about “the tango lessons!” Love you!

    Take care
    Love, Aunt Christine

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