Infusing a bit of magic into each presentation increases audience connection

This week I’ve had the experience of presenting, holding space and being presented to.  I’m aware of being true to yourself when you deliver your message and effectively engaging your audience… reaching out to them on a level they can comprehend.

In Reiki, some people like the more scientific/energy field explanations.  Others prefer the immediate hands-on experiential of what energy healing is.  Students on the Reiki path also appreciate the community that is generated in meeting others who are drawn to the same healing art.

I’m always reminded that it is important in presenting that you establish connection and interest.  And that naturally comes about when you are passionate about what you are speaking.

As an audience member, I connect to my speaker when there is a degree of familiarity, of something I can relate to…when its too foreign or seems like a huge leap in either my thought process or lifestyle, I close down the message being presented.

I have often joked with Reiki colleagues that when we present ‘don’t scare the straights’…by that I mean don’t go over the ‘woo-woo’ edge…especially when you have an intention of helping to mainstream Reiki.

The other side of the spectrum I also feel applies.  Don’t remove all of the mysticism, the magic.  Too much science and fact reminds me of a news report or a magazine article.  A little dose of magic is fun and exciting….

What’s one way of doing that?  Telling personal stories, doing experiential exercises, trying it out….and, I also feel, holding the intention for transformation to occur with each presentation.

Anyway, musing thoughts for the day, more presentations throughout this week and next….I’ll keep y’all posted!


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  1. Karma
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 19:56:24

    Eileen, you have that spark of mystery that you keep alive and nurture for everyone to share — I see it in everything you do. Thanks for all the relational magic in your work!

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