Last Day of Tango, we made it through one step at a time!

So 4 weeks isn’t a lot of Tango lessons, but for never having taken the art form before, its certainly been challenging as well as fun.  Last night I got to dance the whole class with Richard, which was truly heaven…the other classes we exchanged partners to learn from each other, but there is nothing so romantic and bonding as being with your guy.  I literally felt weak in my knees!  It was very cute.  Richard got into it by talking in a Spanish accent…lots of great dialogue!

Also, the Reiki touch came back…its interesting, dancing with other guys, no Reiki, just focused on technique, steps, etc.  Richard, it was Reiki Tango!

But for now, I’m glad its over, its an art that needs to be practiced, so our next steps, literally and figuratively are to go out to the clubs where they hold dances.  I’ve heard the women’s shoes are to die for!

So now, I prepare for a full weekend of advanced Reiki training, level 3 and Master teaching…and great groups to work with.  Reiki circle next week on Tuesday night and then off to California for that segment of the book tour.  Whew!  But like I learned to do in Tango, one step at a time:)


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