Rediscovering the Inner Buddha…seemingly simple yet profound

An amazing group of women committed to the path of self-mastery.  Reiki 3 is discovering the Inner Buddha and they were able to embrace and go beyond what they thought possible.

Every time I teach Reiki 3, its a reminder of just how profound the master symbol is and what it can do on many levels at the same time.

I’m reminded that ‘all the answers are within’ and any doubts or concerns fall away in the great light of Dai Kyo Myo:  Great light of the sun and moon within…torchbearer of truth.

I easily transfer to then teaching others tomorrow about how to take DKM into practice as a teaching Reiki master.  It feels like a very complete and energizing weekend.  Which is wonderful.  Reminds me of why I do what I do.

This year I’ll begin opening a mentoring program to other Reiki masters and adding on some other classes to help those in practice succeed.

It’s one thing to have all the knowledge as a Reiki master, another to begin your actual practice in the world.  How do you make it grow?  What else do you need to do to attract students to you.  What other dreams do you have integrating your own ideas into Reiki practice…not sure what the series will be called, but something like “Going beyond Reiki Master:  Reveal your potential”….stay tuned!



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